Welcome to the new website of the Ribera i Valldigna Consortium (CRiV).

Renewing a website may seem like an easy way to adapt to the times, to modernize our way of communicating. But for the Ribera i Valldigna Consortium it means much more. It means renewing a commitment, which we would take from the first investiture speech of this new stage. A commitment to transparency and dialogue as a way to manage a public service as important as the management of household waste of the 320,000 residents of La Ribera and La Valldigna.

Transparency together with the public representatives, who will see all the necessary documentation, all the data we have about waste management in each of their towns, and thus be able to always make the best decisions for the welfare of their neighborhood. Transparency, also, for citizens, who will have all the updated information of our management and will be able to observe how, thanks to the new facilities, we convert waste into new resources, minimizing rejection.

But we are also advancing in this new way of governing based on dialogue and consensus. The new website and the social networks that it has paired, suppose a commitment of agile and fast response, to be able to solve doubts and complaints, attend suggestions and that everything arrives in the easiest way to the users of Internet.

This website represents all our municipalities, their natural environments, and the main environmental aspects that we fight every day to preserve. In this sense, the new website of the CRiV is a call for awareness, to the necessary public awareness.

From here we want to emphasize the importance of separating domestic waste in our homes and shops for recycling in containers enabled in each of the municipalities for this. In our network of ecoparks and ecomovils. Therefore, we will transfer the precise information every day so that nobody has an excuse not to recycle.

Finally, this new website aims to be a useful and simple tool for our neighbors. That they have easy access to all the information that interests them. They know very well the services we offer because they use them.

From it, associations can request, to your Municipalities, guided tours of the Complex of Recovery of Domestic Waste of Guadassuar. A leading and visibly diaphanous Waste Treatment Plant, through which we are located in Europe on the road to a Circular Economy. Where the citizens of our Consortium will see, first-hand, the whole process that follows the domestic waste to become a new resource, where everyone knows the important work that we all do, and the challenges that we have left to achieve.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover. 4Rs are work, obligation and responsibility from all over the world.